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Why Your Faucet Makes a Clunking Noise

May 18, 2022
Why Your Faucet Makes a Clunking Noise

When you turn on your faucet, do you hear that weird clunking sound? Ever wonder why it happens? Or, even more importantly, can it be fixed? Many different plumbing problems can lead to clunking and other annoying noises in your faucet. What does this incessant clunking noise mean? The solution is simple. Contact Neighborhood Plumbing! Our expert plumber will diagnose distracting faucet noises, so we can help you pinpoint the problem and solve it quickly. We can also handle any necessary plumbing repair.

Continuous Clunking

A faulty cartridge usually causes continuous clunking. If you have a single-handle faucet, the cartridge will have a small plastic piece held in place by a screw. The plastic piece is called the bonnet, and it holds the washer in place. Remove the bonnet from your faucet and inspect it for cracks or breaks. If you find that the bonnet is broken, you'll need to replace it with a new one.

If you don't find any signs of damage on your bonnet, then your next step is to take off the handle and see if there are any components inside that look worn or damaged. If they're not, the chances are good that your cartridge is damaged and needs replacing.

Periodic Clunking

If your faucet makes occasional clunks, the washer is likely worn or broken. When water leaks around the cartridge base and out through the spout, it can cause the cartridge to make a noise. This is most common with high-pressure faucets.

Rapid Pipe Clunking

In most cases, water pressure drops quickly when you open or close the faucet. This causes air to enter the pipes through an aerating valve opening. As the air enters, it creates a vacuum that causes vibrations in your pipes as they try to fill with water again. These vibrations are what cause rapid pipe clunking.

Clunking When Faucet Is Off

There are several reasons why you may hear this type of noise. The most common cause is the mineral buildup on the valves and around the stem. Mineral buildup can also cause leaks in your faucets and other problems like sticking or sticking handles. Another possible reason for this noise is that one of the valves in your faucet has become loose or worn out. This can happen over time if you use harsh cleaners to clean your sink often or have hard water in your area (if so, consider using filtered water).

Neighborhood Plumbing Can Help Your Clunking Problem

Fixing the clunking sound involves adjusting the valves inside your faucet or water heater. You may be able to fix the problem with just one adjustment, but sometimes there are multiple parts involved in making the noise go away.

Ensure there aren't any leaks in the pipe leading from the spout to the wall or ceiling. If there are leaks, tighten all connections so that there isn't any more play in them. If tightening doesn't work, replace any worn-out or broken parts over time.

Your faucet is clunking -- but there's no need to worry! Your best option is to reach out to us at Neighborhood Plumbing. Our team of plumbing experts has years of trusted experience. We will resolve your clunking faucet problem quickly and efficiently, using quality products and exceptional customer service.

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