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Why Does Your House Smell Like Sewage?

Oct 19, 2023
Why Does Your House Smell Like Sewage?

Getting a whiff of sewer gas in your home is never a good thing. It indicates that there’s a problem with your plumbing. A sewage smell can make your house uninhabitable and could also be harmful to your health. There are many reasons your house may smell like sewage. Some are serious and need professional intervention, but others are somehow easy to fix.

In this blog post, Neighborhood Plumbing looks into the top causes of sewer smell around your house and what you can do to fix the problem.

  • Blocked Drains

One of the most common causes of sewage smells is blocked drains. If one of the drain pipes gets clogged by things like grease, hair, or foreign objects, it can slow down or even stop the flow of wastewater. When this happens, the accumulated debris will start to produce offensive odors over time. It’s important to act fast when you notice signs of clogged drains.

  • Dry P-Trap

A p-trap is the curved pipe beneath your sink. It's designed to hold a small amount of water to block the gases from your sewage system from wafting back into your house. When a drain isn't used often, like in a guest bathroom, this water can evaporate, leaving the trap dry. As a result, you might catch a whiff of the sewer. To fix it, just run some water down the drain to refill the P-trap, and the odor should disappear.

  • Broken Toilet Seals

Your toilet has a wax ring or rubber seal that forms a watertight connection between the toilet and the floor drain. If this seal gets damaged or deteriorates over time, it can allow sewer gases to escape into your bathroom. The solution to this problem is to call a nearby plumber to replace the wax ring or seal.

  • Clogged Vents

Every plumbing system has vents that allow air to flow through the pipes, thereby helping with the removal of gases and odors. If these vents get clogged by debris, leaves, or even critters seeking refuge, your plumbing system can't breathe properly. The sewage smell will have nowhere to go. Instead, it will flow back into your house. If you can safely get onto your roof, you can clear the debris from the vent yourself. But if you’re not comfortable taking the DIY approach, call a nearby plumbing service for help.

  • Loose or Missing Sewer Trap Plug

Your sewer trap, usually located in the basement or crawl space, has a crucial plug. The function of the trap plug is to seal off the sewer line to prevent sewer gas from escaping. If it's loose or missing, it creates an open path for sewage odors to infiltrate your home. Check the condition of the sewer trap plug and secure it properly if it’s loose.

Don’t Put Off Plumbing Repairs—Call Neighborhood Plumbing Today

Sewer gas poisoning is real, and it’s not worth putting your family’s health at risk over it. Make sure you call a reputable plumbing service at the first sign of trouble. If your plumbing is in disrepair, you can count on the team at Neighborhood Plumbing to conduct a comprehensive inspection and provide you with long-lasting solutions. Whether it is drain cleaning, sewer line repair, or toilet repair, we have what it takes to get the job done right. Give us a call or contact us online, and we’ll send one of our plumbers to thoroughly inspect your plumbing and diagnose the issue, so we can get you back to an odor-free home.

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