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What You Need To Know About Video Pipe Inspection

Oct 22, 2021
What You Need To Know About Video Pipe Inspection

When it comes to dealing with pipe issues, finding the source of the damage isn’t always easy. Since you can’t get inside your pipes and you don’t have the proper tools or equipment, you may never know that you need pipe repair or the help of a plumber. Neighborhood Plumbing is the area’s go-to plumber for all things pipe repair. No matter what you need, we offer it!

If you need pipe inspection, we offer that too. Our team uses video pipe inspection techniques to provide you with the most accurate information and inspection. This technology has been around for a while and it’s provided plumbers with a more intense way to conduct pipe inspections and pipe repair. There is a tiny video camera placed on the end of a wire that goes into your different plumbing pipes, so we can see exactly where your issue lies.

Video pipe inspections allow us to find damaged seals, issues with pipe joints, damage within your pipes, clogs, or backups. Not sure what the benefits of this kind of technology are? Let’s discuss those.

The 3 Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

While video pipe inspection is not a new technology by any means, it is one of the most accurate ways plumbers provide proper pipe repair. Here are the main 3 benefits of this kind of technology:


One of the biggest benefits of video pipe inspection is that everything within your plumbing system is accessible. These video camera pipes are very small and thin, and they can get into every crack or crevice in your pipes. You can get into all the hard-to-reach areas of your drains and pipes since the camera can reach and show you what’s going on in your plumbing.

Less time

Since a plumber doesn’t have to work as hard to get into small spaces in your home or open parts of your walls, their pipe inspections take far less time with a video camera pipe. This is great if you work from home, or you’re meeting them at your home during a lunch break – they won’t take as much of your time.


Video pipe inspections allow plumbers to be much more efficient in their diagnosing. Since they can see exactly what is going on in your pipes, they know exactly how to solve the problem. Before video pipe inspections, plumbers used to use other testing techniques to assume what the issue was, and if their guess wasn’t right, you may not know right away and you’d be calling them back again. Now that they can see exactly what is going on in your pipes, they are much more efficient and precise in their solutions so you don’t have to call them back to your home often.

Are you looking for pipe repair because your plumbing pipes don’t seem to be working? Do you need a skilled plumber in Mount Lebanon, PA to provide you with a video pipe inspection? Are your plumbing appliances not working as they should and you need a reliable plumber? Neighborhood Plumbing is here to help! Call our office today to learn more.

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