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Water Heater Repair in Franklin Park

Water Heater Repair in Franklin Park, PA

Is your water heater not working at all? Do you hear loud popping, banging, or cracking sounds coming from your water heater? Do you run out of hot water too fast? These are warning signs that your water heater is in disrepair, and you need to call a nearby water heater repair specialist to inspect the unit and provide you with a long-lasting solution. Here at Neighborhood Plumbing, we’ve built a solid reputation for offering reliable water heater repair in Franklin Park, PA and the nearby areas. Our skillful plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to service all brands of water heaters, including American Standard, Bradford White, Rheem, A.O. Smith, and many more. We also provide efficient and budget-friendly water heater installation in Franklin Park, hot water heater tank installation, and water heater replacement.

Common Water Heater Problems That Needs To Be Addressed By a Water Heater Repair Professional

  • No hot water at all: If your hot water taps have run cold, it could mean that the heating element has burned out, the fuse has blown, or the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Not enough hot water: Reduced water flow is usually caused by faulty water heating element or a build-up of scale in the unit.
  • Leaking water heater: If you’ve noticed a puddle of water pooled around the base of your water heater or steady dripping down the side and you’ve ruled out condensation, you may be having a leak. Water heater leaks can often be repaired, but there are cases when water heater replacement may be necessary.
  • Strange noises: Loud and unusual noises coming from the unit would indicate that your water is approaching the end of its life or a build-up of mineral deposits.
  • Discoloration of hot water: Another sure sign that you need water heater repair or water heater replacement in Franklin Park is rusty water coming out of your hot water taps. This is often a sign that your hot water tank or the heat exchanger is corroded. This problem can be fixed by flushing your water heater, but if the corrosion is severe, you’ll need to replace the entire unit.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

Although most water heater problems can be fixed, certain circumstances may call for replacing your unit. For example, if your unit has reached the end of its lifespan or needs frequent repairs, it would be advisable to replace it and save money down the road. If you’re not sure if you need to repair or replace your water heater, consult with a professional plumbing company. Here at Neighborhood Plumbing, we offer reliable and cost-effective water heater replacement in Franklin Park and the nearby areas. Our plumbers will inspect your unit inside out and advise you whether it needs repair or replacement.

Schedule Water Heater Repair or Water Heater Installation in Franklin Park with Neighborhood Plumbing

If your water heater or hot water tank is acting up, the experienced plumbers at Neighborhood Plumbing can help. Here at Neighborhood Plumbing, we offer comprehensive water heater repair, hot water heater tank installation, and water heater installation in Franklin Park and the surrounding areas. With well over a decade of experience in the plumbing industry, our water heater specialists know how to tackle all kinds of water heater problems and install different models of water heaters.

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