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Warning Signs to Get Gasline Repair

Jan 20, 2022
Warning Signs to Get Gasline Repair

A gasline is an essential plumbing component in a household as it provides a cost-effective and convenient way to power several appliances such as water heaters and ovens. However, it’s not without its potential hazards. Natural gas is highly explosive, so it’s important to keep your gasline in good condition to avoid the risks that come with leakages. Fortunately, there are warning signs you can watch out for and determine when it’s time to have your gasline repaired.

Let’s look at the signs a gasline needs to be fixed.

  • A Strong Smell of Rotten Eggs

Although natural gas is odorless, a harmless chemical known as mercaptan is added to the gas to give it a distinctive odor for purposes of easy leak detection. So one of the first things you’ll notice when your gasline leaks is a strong smell akin to rotten eggs or sulfur. If there’s a strong smell of rotten eggs in your home and you can’t quite locate its source, please call a nearby plumber to inspect your gasline.

  • Hissing Sounds

A gas leak may produce a hissing sound as it tries to escape through a hole or crack on the gasline at high pressure. These leaks can spread in your entire home within no time. So it's best to take immediate action when you hear an unusual hissing sound coming out of your gasline. If you notice a hissing sound, close the gas valve immediately and call nearby plumbers to perform gas line repair.

  • A Sudden Increase in Your Gas Bill

If there has been a spike in your monthly gas bills and you cannot account for the increased usage, you need to have your gasline checked for damage. When it comes to the condition of your gasline, you can never be too careful.

  • Malfunctioning Appliances

If you see multiple appliances that connect to your gasline begin to fail, you may need to have your gas line checked.

  • Cracked Pipes

A gasline can start to crack due to old age or physical damage. If you see cracks on the pipes or the pipes seem to be deteriorating, this is a major warning sign that you need gas line repair. A cracked gasline can put your family and home at risk. Be sure to have your gasline inspected regularly to see what kind of condition it is in.

  • Rusting or Corrosion

Metal gaslines can corrode or rust over time, especially if they’re not protected from moisture. If rust and corrosion have taken over your gasline, it’s best to call experienced plumbers in Moon Township to perform an inspection and explain the options available to you. 

Need Help with Gasline Repair? Call Neighborhood Plumbing

If you’re in need of gas line repair or gas line replacement, call Neighborhood Plumbing to assist you. We provide a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including gas line repair, water line repair, fixture repair and installation, and drain repair. There’s isn’t a plumbing job that’s too big or too small for our plumbers.

Contact us today to schedule gas line repair. 

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