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Sewer Repair in Fox Chapel, PA

Sewer Repair Fox Chapel, PA

A failing or broken underground sewer line usually raises concerns, and if not dealt with in time, it can become a major headache. Neighborhood Plumbing is your go-to service provider for sewer repair in Fox Chapel when such emergencies occur. During a sewer-related emergency, people first look for professional help is the internet. Running a quick online search for sewer repair near me only gets your foot in the door, but you are left with the uphill task of assessing and choosing the most suitable company.

Neighborhood Plumbing makes the process less complex by providing top-notch services such as sewer line cleaning, sewer repair, trenchless sewer line replacement, and repiping, among others. Before proceeding with sewer repair, our team of experts will examine your system and then recommend the most effective method. Some of the commonly used sewer repair methods in Fox Chapel include:

Traditional Sewer Line Replacement

Unlike modern-day trenchless sewer line replacement in Fox Chapel, this technique involves digging a ditch along the pipelining that needs to be replaced. This provides better access for the plumbers to remove and replace the affected pipe lining. Traditional sewer line replacement is usually preferred because it is easier to inspect a pipe replaced and ensure that it’s installed properly.

Our team conducts an in-depth assessment to determine if other affected areas along the pipelining or potentially failing areas are due to poor sewer line installation. Although this is usually the easiest solution for the pipe repair, sewer lines that run beneath a building require a more cost-effective approach since everything must be replaced. We can help you choose a more suitable option for pipe repair in Fox Chapel.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Fox Chapel

This pipe repair technique doesn’t require digging a ditch or a trench. We recommend trenchless sewer line replacement in Fox Chapel because it is less invasive and cost-effective than traditional sewer line replacement. There are many different types of trenchless sewer line repairs, but the most common involve pipe repair clamps.

Clamps are a suitable solution when dealing with a slow leak or a small crack, and they come in a wide variety depending on your emergency. Once the plumber tightens the clamp, sealing the crack, a final assessment is conducted to determine if the leak is repaired. Regardless of all the trenchless repair techniques, using clamps is the most recommended method for pipe repair in Fox Chapel.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a sewer line repair technique that involves using a bursting head to break apart the existing sewer line. The plumber starts by digging two holes at the beginning and the end of the sewer line for better access. A special drill known as a bursting head is used to push through the pipe run, breaking the old sewer line and pushing the fragments away as the new line is pulled into place.

These are some of the many techniques our team of experts used during sewer repair in Fox Chapel. Contact us today at Neighborhood Plumbing for quality sewer line installation in Fox Chapel and other maintenance services at an affordable price.

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