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It is true that most of us hate to fix toilets that need repairs. However, it is not always easy to understand when your toilet needs a repair or replacement. In this article, we will go over the basic components of a toilet and signs you should watch out for that indicate you need toilet repair or a new toilet installation.

Way It Functions

A toilet uses the siphoning effect and gravity to function. The water inside the toilet is divided between the toilet bowl and the tank. Between the toilet bowl and the tank, there’s a flapper, which functions as a seal. When the toilet handle is pushed down, the flapper raises and allows water from the tank to fill inside the toilet bowl. After flushing takes place, the flapper moves down again so clean water from the water supply can flow into the tank. This action goes on until the water reaches a certain level. Unfortunately, sometimes this action doesn’t take place as it is supposed to due to certain reasons. If you are living in Upper Saint Clair, PA, and notice that something isn’t quite right with your toilet, call the skilled plumbers of Neighborhood Plumbing. We offer toilet repair in Upper Saint Clair as well as replacements.

Now, we will go over some of the signs that show your toilet needs repair or replacement.

Abnormal Noises

Make sure to pay attention to any types of sounds, especially suctioning and gurgling types. This doesn’t only apply to toilets, look for these signs in any type of bathroom compartment because they may indicate a clog in the drains. Clogs are a big reason for toilet repairs, and you will need clogged toilet repair for cases like these.

Frequent Clogging

Of course, it is normal for some sinks or other parts of a bathroom to be clogged occasionally. However, if you notice a significant increase in the number of clogs, especially if you deal with them more than once every week, this is a sign that your toilet has a problem that can be significant. Call a professional to learn whether you need a toilet replacement. If your plumber tells you that this is the case, Neighborhood Plumbing offers toilet replacement in Upper Saint Clair, so you don’t need to be stressed about it anymore.

Toilet Replacement in Upper Saint Clair, PA


We have all dealt with problematic toilets that make you flush multiple times because the power of the toilet isn’t strong enough. Problems with flushing indicate a fundamental problem with the mechanism of the toilet. Once again, you probably need a professional plumber to fix the problem.


Another sign to watch out for is the rust in the metal parts of your toilet. Because these areas are constantly exposed to water, rust can be inevitable sometimes. This rust makes many parts of the toiler to be worn out and functionless. If any type of rust or corrosion is seen, you will need a toilet replacement entirely.

Need Professional Assistance?

It is true that some toilet problems are easy to fix and can be solved with DIY by using a plunger or by adjusting a part of the toilet. Other times, however, professional assistance is necessary to ensure your entire plumbing system is safe. If you notice some of these signs we have discussed in this article or think you need help with your plumbing system, toilet installers in Upper Saint Clair of Neighborhood Plumbing are more than happy to help you. Call us right away!

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