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The Most Common Summer Sewer Problems

Aug 21, 2022
The Most Common Summer Sewer Problems

Everyone gets to gather around and enjoy the moment during summers. However, it may not be so enjoyable to most people, as many of the common sewer problems occur during summers. To avoid this, we have shared with you some common information so you can try to avoid certain sewer problems. 

Better and More Lively Grass on Certain Parts of the Garden

If you have noticed any grass that is very live and green compared to others in the area, then this may be an example of wastewater piling in those areas or a sprinkler system that was accidentally damaged. To know which one, we would recommend getting a closer look at the area. You would know by sight and smell which one is which. If you see or smell a bad odor, this indicates a sewer problem and you should call an experienced plumbing service to get your sewer repair today.

Tree Roots Look For Their Nutrients

Trees always extend their roots to get more nutrients. This can be a problem with sewers because sewers contain nutrients that many trees seek. For this reason, you may have a tree root that might have damaged the pipelines. If you have been noticing unusual behavior with your sewage, then it is best to call a friendly plumber now as this can be a big problem in the future. If you haven’t faced a problem like this yet, then know that getting your trees and your sewer system regularly checked might save you a lot of time and money.

Toilets that are Clogged

As we enter summer, more people are inside their houses and this leads to more use of the toilets. To avoid any problems with the sewer, we should tell kids of all ages what to put and not put in the toilet. In case you face a problem with a clogged toilet, call a professional service as soon as possible as the clog may lead to greater problems with the lines and backups.

Also, if you smell any bad odor that is unusual, then most likely the problem’s origin is related with the sewer line. The main cause of this may be from the toilet clogs or insufficient water flow. This causes the material to build up and stay in the sewers, eventually causing a really bad odor.

Slower Drains

Most people don’t understand that a slower drain isn’t normal. Most likely something is blocking the system that causes the drains to go slower. This can often occur when we go to a beach and wash with all the sand in the shower. The sand causes the drain to block.

Neighborhood Plumbing

Summer is here to enjoy, so don’t waste your happy moments. At Neighborhood Plumbing, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a safer and happier environment for you. With our modern equipment, professional plumbers, and dedication, your sewer repair has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us or our services.

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