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The Future of Plumbing, Advancement in Technology

Aug 07, 2022
The Future of Plumbing, Advancement in Technology

If there’s a single word that we are going to hear in the field of technology more than ever, it is the word "advancement". Well, we should give full credit to the word itself too, because we have been seeing technological advancements every single day and experience how they change our lives firsthand. When we think about advancements in technology, the first thing that comes to our minds has something to do with phones, computers, or artificial intelligence. We don’t tend to think about how the advancement in technology is slowly leaking to every part of our daily lives- one of them being the plumbing system. Although it is not very obvious and observable, overall plumbing systems in each of our houses are changing drastically every single day. Almost every component of the system is replaced with something that is more convenient and advanced. As Neighborhood Plumbing, we believe that educating both business owners and homeowners on the future of plumbing will be helpful in terms of the future decisions for your home or business. So, in this article, we will go over some of the advancements in the plumbing industry so that when you want to make an investment for the future of your home or business, you have a wider horizon in terms of your options.


The first one is sensor technology. Nowadays, sensors are found in all parts of our lives because they bring immense convenience to us. With sensors, we don’t have to control many things because they respond by themselves when they notice something abnormal. This sensor technology is also showing itself in plumbing by controlling certain elements in our waters and valves. For example, if you set the temperature in your water sensor to a certain area and the flow of water to a certain degree, the sensor will automatically take action when the water is too hot or cold, or if the flow is too strong or too little. In addition, they will gather information such as the amount of water that is spent that month, so you will be aware of your spending and this will allow you to conserve water.

Tankless Water Heaters

We are sure that you have heard of tankless water heaters by now, especially if you have replaced your water heater recently. Nowadays, these water heaters are very popular because they use the energy to heat water only when it is needed and not all the time. This allows the homeowner to save money and energy. Although it is still relatively new these days, it is expected that tankless water heaters to be even more popular. 

Range of Materials

The range of materials that are used in the plumbing industry is great and is increasing every day. As technology develops, inventors are looking for ways to create strong materials that are more durable and environment-friendly that will replace the materials of today that aren’t as effective.

Water Waste Recycling

In the 21st century, people are more environmentally conscious and homeowners and business owners prefer systems that are sustainable. One of the best methods for sustainability is recycling. Solid materials like plastic or glass aren’t the only things that are recycled nowadays. Wastewater recycling is also getting increasingly popular. Through this technology, water from showers or other sinks is collected and used for many different water-requiring activities.

Solar Energy

Of course, another example of sustainable technology is solar panels. In the plumbing industry, solar energy is especially used to heat water and is a very effective method. This option is growing to be more popular in houses and businesses every day.

Greet The Future!

The century we are living in and the advancements in other industries make the future of plumbing very bright too. With the designs of the new technologies in our houses, we will achieve a level of maximum convenience. Hopefully, these advancements will be able to help the environment while making our lives easier. As these advancements grow to be more popular, you might decide to get them installed in your businesses or houses. If you need any type of plumbing service, expert plumbers of Neighborhood Plumbing are more than happy to help you. Call us today for your questions and concerns.

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