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Soft and Hard Water Treatment Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Nov 10, 2019
Soft and Hard Water Treatment Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Your family relies on the quality of your water supply for everyday activities. Whether you’re cleaning the dinner dishes or taking a shower before work, it’s important that you have the best water possible coming through your pipes. Water that is too hard or soft can create problems for your household, making it difficult to perform the basic tasks needed for your family’s health, wellness and convenience. A water treatment system installation in Pittsburgh can help solve your problems. At Neighborhood Plumbing, we proudly provide a variety of residential and commercial plumbing services in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding metro area. Call today if you’re interested in finding out more information about water treatment systems or would like to schedule a convenient appointment.

What Is the Difference Between Soft and Hard Water?

Hard water occurs when your municipal water supply contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonates due to its frequent contact with naturally occurring limestone in the soil. The result is water that creates dull, dry skin and hair, makes dishes and laundry difficult to wash and causes unsightly blemishes on bathroom and kitchen fixtures like sinks, tubs and toilet bowls. Soft water is normally void of most minerals, but has higher than normal levels of sodium. Soft water can make cleaning, washing and bathing more pleasant, and is often preferred to hard water. Unfortunately, soft water can create early corrosion in your pipes, and can wreak havoc on fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. 

Signs of Hard Water

Testing your water is the fastest and most accurate way to determine if your water is hard. However, there are other common warning signs that can alert homeowners that the problem may exist. Common issues for people with hard water include:

  • Frequently Clogged Drains and Pipes
  • Freshly Washed Laundry Comes Out of the Dryer Stiff, Dirty and Dingy
  • You Have Unclean Dishes Covered with Water Spots
  • Your Bathtubs and Toilet Bowls Have a Ring that is Almost Impossible to Remove or Prevent
  • Tap Water Tastes Unpleasant

The Benefits of a Water Treatment System Installation

Water treatment systems help to remove the excess materials from your water supply using a sophisticated ionization process. A professional water treatment system installation can help you avoid these plumbing problems. Instead of struggling with calcium and lime deposits and dry, itchy skin, you’ll be able to use your home’s water without fear of bad consequences. You’ll save money long term by avoiding clogged drains and early repairs and replacements of vital plumbing fixtures like fiberglass tubs, glass shower doors, faucets, toilets and corroded pipes. And, you’ll finally be able to take showers and baths, and wash your dishes and laundry without stressing out. 

Need a Hard Water Treatment System Installation in Pittsburgh? Call Neighborhood Plumbing

Do you need your water tested for mineral content? Is it time to invest in a professional water treatment system installation in Pittsburgh, PA? If so, call Neighborhood Plumbing right away. We’ll send a team of certified plumbers to your home or business with all the tools it takes to diagnose, treat and prevent problems associated with hard or soft water. Contact our office today to speak with one on one with our knowledgeable staff or to schedule an appointment with a licensed and insured Pittsburgh plumber near you.

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