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Removing Stubborn Roots 

Nov 05, 2019
Removing Stubborn Roots 

Have you and your family grown tired of backups and blockages in your home’s pipes? Do you find yourself constantly running for the plunger, or pouring gallons of caustic chemicals down your kitchen sink on a daily basis? The cause of your problem pipes may be deeper. Roots are a common source of frequent backups for home and business owners. The nutrient rich water that passes through your sewer line is the perfect feast for the thirsty roots growing in your yard. A small crack, puncture or misaligned joint can invite fast growing root systems into your plumbing, where toilet paper, food debris and other substances accumulate, eventually wreaking havoc in your home. At Neighborhood Plumbing, we proudly provide plumbing services in Pittsburgh, PA. Our certified plumbers have had many years of experience dealing with stubborn roots, and we want to offer a few suggestions on how you can remove and prevent root growth in your pipes. 

How to Defend Your Plumbing System Against Root Growth

Prevention is the best solution when it comes to root growth in your plumbing. Proper installation, leak detection, annual inspections and making necessary repairs are all great ways to make sure that your pipes keep their structural integrity. All it takes is one small opening for a root to make its way inside. Roots of grass, wildflowers and other small plants can be removed more easily than those that belong to trees, shrubs and bushes. So, installing physical root barriers around these plants will help to steer their hungry roots away from your sewer line. 

Removing Roots from Your Pipes

If you already suspect that roots have made their way inside your plumbing, it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. Avoid pouring large amounts of caustic chemicals down your drains. This solution often fails to destroy large root systems, and they can pool above the clogs, creating corrosion in metal pipes and corrupting PVC and PEX pipes. Licensed and insured plumbers have specialized tools like professional snakes, video capabilities and hydro jetting equipment that can safely and effectively rid your pipes of all accumulated debris and root growth. An experienced Pittsburgh plumber can also provide trenchless pipe lining services in affected areas, so that any punctures or cracks in your existing pipe will no longer allow new roots to infiltrate your fresh, clean plumbing system. 

Need Root Removal Services in Pittsburgh, PA? Call Neighborhood Plumbing Today

Are you looking for a reliable plumbing company for your next inspection, drain cleaning, clog removal, hydro jetting service, trenchless pipe liner installation or root removal in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area? Then call the professionals at Neighborhood Plumbing right away. Our team of highly trained and certified plumbers are ready to help get your pipes back under control fast. Contact our office for more information or to schedule your next appointment. 

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