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Plumbing Tips for Recreational Vehicles

Nov 06, 2019
Plumbing Tips for Recreational Vehicles

Whether you use your RV once a year for summer vacation or call it your home 24/7, it’s important that you maintain your plumbing system. Without proper plumbing care, the enjoyment and value of your recreational vehicle will drop dramatically. No one wants to struggle sewage backups, dysfunctional water heaters or clogs while trying to enjoy their trip to the lake. At Neighborhood Plumbing, we offer quality plumbing services for local residents and business owners in Pittsburgh and other surrounding areas. Here are a few tips for keeping your RV’s plumbing system flowing freely. 

Be Cautious when Using Chemicals

RV pipes are often very sensitive to harsh chemicals. Using the wrong materials in your pipes could warp, melt or even destroy them. Make sure you use chemicals that are specifically designed for use in recreational vehicles, otherwise you could need to repair or replace your pipes prematurely.

Only Use RV Safe Toilet Paper

Regular toilet paper will clog an RV plumbing system quickly. Normal rolls of toilet paper don’t dissolve quickly enough, and will wreak havoc on your black water tank. Always use RV safe toilet paper inside your camper, and avoid using more than is necessary. 

Dump Your Black Water Tank Regularly

It may be a messy job, but emptying your black water tank has to be a top priority. While you should wait until the tank is 2/3 full before dumping it, ignoring the issue when it’s become too full could lead to many problems for you and your family. Be careful to fully clean and sanitize your system after your trip. Leaving waste inside your holding tanks could cause them to harden, and may invite bacteria, pests and other unpleasant trouble while your RV is sitting idle. For those who use their RV’s full time, or take it out on an excursion almost every weekend, be sure to fully clean and sanitize your plumbing system a few times a year to ensure a healthy atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Avoid Causing Clogs in Your Drains

Drains and pipes can develop clogs quickly and frequently in an RV. Therefore, the bad habits formed at your normal residence will have immediate consequences when you’re on the road. Keep a drain cover on your shower drains, to keep hair, soap residue and other debris from entering your pipes. Also, be careful when disposing food products down your sink. Bacon grease, coffee grounds, eggshells and other waste can cause major backups in your system. Discard these items in the trash can instead. 

Properly Winterize Your RV When the Temperature Drops

Fluctuations in temperatures can create irregular air pressure inside your pipes. If the water inside your plumbing system freezes during winter, it can cause enough pressure to burst or break your pipes. If you are going to be actively using your RV in the cold weather, take precautions. Keep tanks as empty as you can, turn off the water when possible and insulate your pipes and hoses. If you plan on storing your RV over the winter season, consider using a non-toxic antifreeze meant for recreational vehicles and thoroughly clean out your holding tanks from all water and waste to avoid problems. 

Need Help with Your RV’s Plumbing System? Call Neighborhood Plumbing Today

Has your RV developed plumbing problems? Then get in touch with the certified plumbers at Neighborhood plumbing in Pittsburgh, PA. Our team of dependable, experienced professionals can help repair, replace, install or inspect any aspect of your RV plumbing system. Call today to find out more or to make an appointment. 

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