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How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

Nov 03, 2019
How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

A plunger is considered to be a plumbing ‘backbone’ by homeowners because of its usefulness in plumbing emergencies. But all hope should not be lost when it's not available in the house since there are other ways to unclog the toilet without a plunger.

The first and recommended option to sewer pipe clogs is to call an experienced and certified plumber probably from Neighborhood Plumbing to unclog the sewer pipe or do a sewer line replacement. The second is the DIY option.

Assuming you go for the DIY option and unfortunate the plunger isn’t available, then, you need to follow our recommended steps and heave a sigh of relief.

First Step: deal with the overflowing water.

Most times water overflows when there is a clogging situation and it can spill over if you don’t act promptly. Some homeowners may want to keep flushing to see if the pressure can clear it off. That’s a wrong move – it could result to over flooding your bathroom and you won’t like it.

You need to stop more water from filling the bowl by shutting off the water valves or pulling up the floater. After some time, the water will go down and you move to the next step.

Second Step: use hot water.

Hot water has a way of dissolving clogs but remember it shouldn’t be the boiling when you use it. Heat up some water and pour in the bathtub and bathroom sink. You can also pour some into the toilet. Leave it for few minutes and observe what happens.

The solids will definitely breakdown because of the hot water and the toilet could flush.

If you’re not satisfied with the result, then you need to squeeze some amount of soap and pour into the toilet or perhaps you can use shampoo for better results. The hot water and shampoo will help move the clog down the toilet.

Repeat the first and second process and for sure, you will get a positive result because these methods have been tested and proven to be effective for years. You can wait for about an hour or more before checking it out.

Supposing you’re not comfortable with the hot water and shampoo methods or you probably think the clog is severe, why not try the next step.

Third Step: use household bleach.

Using household bleach for clearing the clogs is another good method that can be effective. The household bleach can easily dissolve grease, hair and other things that are causing the blockage in your toilet.

However, you need to be careful and avoid the bleach from getting in contact with your skin or another part of the body because it is an irritant.

Now get about 3 cups of bleach or lesser and pour into the toilet. When you’re done, watch your hands and wait for about half an hour.

The three recommended steps will not fail but if they do, it means you have a more complex situation and an experienced plumber should be invited from Neighborhood Plumbing to professionally unclog your toilet. Our plumbers will provide you with the solution so save time and money and give us a call.

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