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How to Replace a Toilet Seat?

Jul 22, 2022
How to Replace a Toilet Seat?

Removing an old toilet seat is both highly affordable and easy. A typical toilet seat has a lifespan of about 5 to 7 years. This can be because of the dying plastic or other health concerns. In this article, we have gathered information from the professional plumbers of Neighborhood Plumbing about the best way to install your toilet seat.

Finding the Right Seat Size

The size of toilets differs. So, there is no standard size for a seat. That’s why it is important to measure it before buying one so that it doesn’t become too big or too small. To measure the seat, you would have to look at the distance between the two bolts. This will give you the width. After that, measure the length. Finally, measure the width of the widest point. With these measurements, you can easily find the right toilet seat size.

Consider Their Qualities

When you go to buy your new seat, we encourage people to look and consider every different quality of seats. There are so many things you can consider to make it look more ecstatic and work more efficiently. For example, you should consider which one makes it easier for you to clean the toilet and what its durability is. Also, if you are using an old toilet seat, you can look to get a more modern one that quietly opens and closes every time you open it. Finally, there is nothing better to look at in a seat than its comfort. If it is comfortable and you like it, then that may be just the right thing for you.

Taking Precautions

When it comes to safety, precautions should be taken. As you are about to remove the seat, there are a few precautions you should take. Firstly, wear gloves. This will protect you from any of the harmful bacteria that have been piling up there for a long time. Secondly, to protect yourself from these germs, give your toilet a little clean from its rim to its cover.

Taking Action

It is time for removal. Firstly you can try to remove the corroded nuts. However, if you feel like there is no progress or the nut isn’t in much movement, you can use penetrating oil to loosen the nuts and easily remove them with a socket wrench. That’s the only major thing required in removing your old toilet seat. After that, have fun installing your new one.

Neighborhood Plumbing

There are so many different toilets that each requires a different installation. Thankfully Neighborhood Plumbing makes everything easy for you. With more than 70 years of experience, Neighborhood Plumbing has dedicated itself to providing a more comfortable and safe environment for you. With our modern equipment and professional plumbers, and services such as toilet installation, your toilet is not a problem anymore. Call us today to learn more about us or our services.

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