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How to Protect Your Plumbing Pipes from Tree Roots

Jul 15, 2022
How to Protect Your Plumbing Pipes from Tree Roots

Trees grow their roots in the location of water and oxygen. This way, they stay healthy. However, tree roots are a great risk to pipes, for the moisture released by these pipes causes the tree to think its food is located there. Over time, they crack the pipe and cause great damage to the infrastructure of the house, making it troubling for the house owner. Throughout this article, we will talk about the ways that we have gathered from our professional plumbers about how to protect your plumbing pipes from tree roots.

Chemical Usage

One easy way to stop the growth of the roots is by using chemicals to kill them. If you think you can do it yourself, then you can buy a copper sulfate crystal that allows you to kill the roots without damaging the tree. However, a chemical is never the healthy way. Without the proper knowledge, chemical usage can harm the whole garden or tree. If you are not sure whether you can do it, there is nothing bad in calling an experienced plumber to use the chemical for you. So, unless you are not too concerned with the chemical usage, this option is both effortless and affordable.

Cutting the Root

Another way you can easily cut your root is an auger or a hydro-jetter. The only difference between them is one uses a physical motor to spin around and cut the root while the other uses high pressured water to cut them. While a mechanical auger is affordable and effortless, it never offers a long-term solution.  So, unless you don’t want to get this service a couple of times, this service is for you.

The Old Fashion Way

Our last option can be more time and effort-consuming, but more affordable. This way is to dig up the roots completely. Unless you know are sure that the roots are not damaging the pipes, then digging it up by yourself would save you a lot of money. However, if you know that the roots are touching the pipes, then doing it yourself can cause bad damage to them.

Benefits of a Professional Plumbing Service

These ways are done to give the tree the least damage to save your pipes. However, without the right equipment and skilled workforce, you would put your house even at a greater risk. That’s why a professional plumbing system is a must.

Neighborhood Plumbing

If there is no precaution taken, then the tree roots will be financially worrying and might even cause a great risk to your health. For this reason, having a professional plumbing service plays a crucial role in the safety of the infrastructure of your house. Thankfully Neighborhood Plumbing has dedicated itself to providing for your safety. With our modern equipment, experienced plumbers, and dedication, your sewer line repair has never been easier. Call Neighborhood Plumbing today to learn more about us or our services.

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