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How to Keep Roots Away from Your Septic Tank

May 01, 2021
How to Keep Roots Away from Your Septic Tank

Most households in the United States have the convenience of letting the city or municipality take care of their wastewater and waste treatment. About twenty percent of households, however, are forced to take responsibility on themselves. A majority of these households rely on septic systems. Maintaining these septic systems is not easy. There is a lot that can go wrong with the septic system. In fact, a common threat to the condition of your septic system is invasive roots. Tree roots are incredibly powerful and will not shy away from seeking out water in your pipes and septic system. Customers often ask Neighborhood Plumbing about this threat, and we are here to share some insight. Here are some ways to keep roots away from your septic tank.

Be Proactive. Plant Wisely

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Why deal with getting rid of roots if you can prevent them in the first place? If you plan on planting trees or shrubs, then do your proper research first. Understand the root structure of your prospective trees and keep the roots a safe distance from your septic tank and pipes. If your property is small, then opt for trees and shrubs with short roots and less appetite for water. After all, roots that are satisfied will not go out of their way to look for water in pipes.

Get in The Way of Root Growth

What if the trees are already planted at an unfortunately close distance from your septic tank and pipes? You could remove the tree or even move it to another place if it is not too large. However, you have another option as well. Root barriers are similar to fences. They are solid sheets of hard plastic or other sturdy material that are buried into the ground. Essentially, the root barriers physically prevent the roots from getting near the septic tank.
There is a drawback, though. A tree relies on its root system to seek and acquire nutrition as well as water. Stopping the roots from freely growing can jeopardize the health of the tree. Sometimes, removing the tree is better than restricting its roots and, by extension, the growth and development of the tree.

Destroy the Roots

There are plenty of root management products on the market. If you want to destroy roots that are getting too close to your septic tank, then consider chemical root destroyers. There are some products that can be simply poured into a toilet and flushed or into a drain. These harsh chemicals can be risky for your septic system though. There are also products you can pour in the yard to set up a force field per se. You can also call a professional tree removal company.

Call Neighborhood Plumbing

If your septic system’s pipes are damaged, then call Neighborhood Plumbing for a reliable, quick, and affordable repair. Our professional plumbers are always ready and equipped to help. Call any time to speak with a live representative.

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