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How to Find a Water Leak Underground

Aug 12, 2020
How to Find a Water Leak Underground

Here at Neighborhood Plumbing, we get a lot of calls about leaks. Most of these leaks, however, are visible and apparent. Appliance leaks, toilet leaks, sink leaks, and garbage disposal leaks are easy to detect. Other hidden leaks require professional expertise and equipment, though. 
If you notice that your water bill has spiked but can’t find a leak, then you may have a hidden or underground water leak. Don’t ignore these leaks. Neglecting an underground water leak can be costly in the short-run in the form of water bills and in the long-run in the form of damage to your plumbing system and building. 
This article should help you find a water leak underground by yourself. If you prefer an expert’s assistance, then call Neighborhood Plumbing for a professional leak detection. We are always ready to take your call.

Check the Water Meter

A water meter works like your car odometer. It measures the volume of water that passes through a pipe into your house. If you are suspicious of an underground leak, then checking the water meter is a good place to start. 

Shut off your home’s main water valve and make sure water is not running in your home. Head over to your water meter and check the leak indicator, a small red, white, or blue triangle. When the water to your home is turned off, this indicator should be still. If the triangle is spinning, then you likely have a leak.
If there is no leak indicator, then write down the meter reading and leave the water off for about an hour. Head back to the water meter and check the reading. If the reading has changed even though the main water valve is off, then you likely have a leak.

Check Your Yard

Generally, the only way you will detect an underground water leak is by noticing the spike in your water bill. If the water leak is severe, though, you may spot some symptoms in your yard. Head out to your yard and look for these signs:

  • Sink holes
  • Unusually wet patches of soil
  • A patch of abnormally lush and thick grass or vegetation

Further, you might notice that there is a decrease in the water pressure or flow volume. However, this can also be due to a clog.

Hire A Professional, Certified Plumber

It is one thing to know that you have an underground; it is another to know exactly where that leak is and repair it. The certified plumbers in Pittsburgh at Neighborhood Plumbing are trained, experienced, and equipped to detect, locate, and repair underground water leaks. Don’t ignore the water leak. Neglecting your underground water leak can cost you severely in the form of high water bills in addition to damage to your plumbing system and building’s foundation.
If you would like to hire a certified local plumber for a professional leak detection, then call Neighborhood Plumbing today. We are available around the clock with 24-hour emergency services. 

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