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How to Deal with An Overflowing Toilet

Oct 03, 2020
How to Deal with An Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a nightmare for many homeowners and business owners. Not only is it a hassle and time-consuming to deal with, but it is a health hazard as bacteria, pathogens, and allergens consume your floors. Neighborhood Plumbing, your local full-service plumbing company, has had years of experience dealing with overflowing toilets. We offer our services around the clock, but we would like to share some insight and tips on how to tackle an overflowing toilet effectively. If you prefer to have a certified plumber take care of your overflowing toilet, then call Neighborhood Plumbing for an urgent dispatch. We are available around the clock!


At Neighborhood Plumbing, we always encourage responsible usage of plumbing fixtures. A gram of prevention is worth more than a kilogram of cure! If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with an overflowing in the first place, then follow this one simple tip:

  • Only flush the three P’s: pee, poo, and toilet paper.

Your toilet is not meant to be an alternative for a trash bin. Do not toss hygiene products, cat litter, diapers, paper towels, or any other items into your toilet. Even “flushable” wipes can cause serious damage down the line. Just toss them into the trash bin.

Do Not Force Flush!

If your toilet is clogged, then do not add more water to the overflowing toilet by forcing flushing! Flushing the toilet simply releases more water into the toilet bin. If the clog is not cleared, then you will simply have a bigger flood of water to clean up later.

Pull Out the Tools

Two of the most common tools for taking care of toilet clogs, and clogs in general, are the plunger and the drain snake. 
Pick up the plunger and slowly lower it into the toilet, making sure to get rid of all of the air in the plunger. Form a solid seal over the opening and keep the plunger vertical. Slowly plunge to disintegrate the blockage.

The drain snake is a coiled and flexible auger used to dislodge clogs by piercing through and scouring the gunk and debris. Though it tends to leave residual debris, the drain snake is a decent option for shallow clogs. Deeper clogs will be tough to dislodge using a drain snake.

Professional Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

If you want a thorough and safe drain cleaning, then opt for hydro jetting drain cleaning. While plungers and drain snakes provide temporary relief, hydro jetting fully scours away the gunk with pressurized water. Don’t worry. The certified plumber will first inspect the drain to make sure that the pipes are sturdy. Our experts at Neighborhood Plumbing can even show you live footage of the situation.

Call the Experts

When you need urgent and quality drain cleaning, then call Neighborhood Plumbing. Our live representatives and certified plumbers are always on standby to take your call. We can have a plumber at your door within the hour. Call now to get started!

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