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Gadgets Keep Your Shower Drain Unclogged

Mar 01, 2021
Gadgets Keep Your Shower Drain Unclogged

Nothing beats a shower to get you ready for the day or a relaxing shower after a long day of work, but a clog can get in the way of your session. A clogged shower drain is a common issue but there are ways to reduce the risk of a blockage. Neighborhood Plumbing offers drain cleaning services as well as repairs to reunite you with a functional shower, but there’s a better way to dealing with clogged showers than unclogging. We will go over some preventative measures in this article. Here are some gadgets to keep your shower drain unclogged. If you have any questions or would like to hire a certified plumber, then feel free to call Neighborhood Plumbing. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Drain Screen

A simple and effective way to prevent shower clogs is to limit the amount of gunk that can make its way down the drain. Also called a hair catcher, a mesh drain screen is placed on your drain entry to catch debris before they have a chance to flow down the drains and potentially get stuck. Just remember to empty the contents of the mesh drain screen once very few showers. It might be a little gross but is well worth the convenience of a seamlessly flowing drain.

A Shower Caddy

Let’s continue to limit the amount of debris that can find its way into your drains. You surely have plenty of self-care products in your shower, including bar soap. Animal fat is actually very commonly found in bar soap. As you may know, fats pose a serious clog hazard as they do not fully break down. A shower caddy will hold your bar soap and prevent solid pieces from ending up in the drains. Plus, a shower caddy is a great tool to organize your shower essentials in one place.

A Hair Brush

It might be a stretch to call a hair brush a “gadget,” but it can do wonders for your drains. Granted you’ll still lose some strands while in the shower, brushing your hair before jumping in the shower will significantly reduce the number of hair strands that flow into the drains. Since hair is possibly the number one culprit in shower drain clogs, this one tip is probably the most valuable in our list.

An Outdoor Pet Shower

Pets need showers too! Like us humans, cats and dogs also have plenty of hair, or fur, rather, that can cause serious plumbing trouble. In fact, there is likely a lot more fur on the pet than hair on your person. When the weather is warm, we recommend bathing pets in an outdoor pet shower or even a kiddie pool if you do not have an outdoor pet shower. You don’t want to get your pet sick during the cold months, so consider laying a washcloth over the drain when you bathe your pet indoors. The cloth will trap the fur so you can trash it instead of allow the fur to clog the shower drain.

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