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Do I Need to Clean the Toilet Tank?

May 02, 2020
Do I Need to Clean the Toilet Tank?

We are all aware of the need to clear out toilet drains and ensure the bowl is clean, but what about the toilet tank? Some people consider the toilet tank to be a reservoir that is not prone to damage or in need of cleaning because it is just a container for clean water. Others do not even think about it, probably for the same reason but subliminally. To an extent, these people are correct. The toilet tank holds fresh water and is overall a lot cleaner than the other parts of the toilet. However, parts of the tank do require some maintenance. Most of this maintenance can be handled on your own. For more complicated issues, you may have to call the experts at Neighborhood Plumbing for assistance.

What Parts of The Toilet Tank Expose It to Damage?

As mentioned earlier, the toilet tank houses fresh water and does not need to be cleaned frequently. However, parts of the toilet tank are susceptible to wear and tear. The flapper chain, for example, can deteriorate over time, leaving a nasty film in the water inside of the toilet tank. This film acts as a catalyst for even more corrosion and sediment buildup, resulting in more damage. Therefore, these components should be monitored regularly to ensure the fresh water is indeed clean.

How Frequently Should I Clean the Components?

The saying goes that it is better to be safe than sorry, but no one wants to clean the toilet tank every week, especially when there are so many other urgent errands to run. Cleaning the components that are likely to degrade can extend the lifespan of your toilet and its parts, but the debris will not build up quickly. Cleaning the toilet tank once per year and monitoring it twice a year should be just fine.

How to Clean the Toilet Tank?

The toilet tank is designed to make cleaning fairly simple. You will want to first turn off the water supply with the valve located behind the toilet. Next, empty the tank and start scrubbing the inside of the tank. If the tank is especially filthy, then you may need some elbow grease. Cleaning solution made of vinegar should do the trick. After you are done wiping, remove the sediment. Before turning the water supply back on, we recommend you inspect the parts and replace any that need to be replaced. Most of these parts have lifespans of roughly 5 years.

Avoid Rough Chemical Cleaners

The parts in the toilet tank are sensitive to some chemicals like bleach. Such chemicals can speed up the disintegration process and shorten the lifespan of the toilet tank parts. Instead of using strong chemical cleaners, we recommend softer ones such as vinegar. 

Need Some Expert Assistance?

Anyone looking for a qualified plumber in Pittsburgh to assist with their plumbing service and repair can call the professionals at Neighborhood Plumbing. We have certified plumbers equipped and ready to dispatch with 24/7 availability. Call us now to speak with a friendly representative and get started.

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