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Do Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Water Main Leaks?

Aug 27, 2022
Do Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Water Main Leaks?

Homeowners insurance is a savior to many people. Chances are, you have a water main leak problem, and you are looking to check whether homeowners insurance can cover your leak problem. Throughout this article, we will look at what type of water main leaks homeowners insurance covers. So, let’s get started.

Types of Damages that Aren’t Covered By This Insurance

Traditional homeowners insurance doesn’t cover most of the water main problems. For example, unless you have an endorsement, flood, or drain damage is one of the problems that cause major problems for many people. Other examples of it can include any problems that are caused by "you". Insurance companies will send a team of professionals to identify whether the problem has grown to its current stage due to your actions. This can occur in cases like leaks in walls in which the longer you leave it, the more damage it will do to a wall. A homeowner’s insurance may not cover it because if it was detected earlier, then the problem could’ve been avoided easily. If you aren’t covered by the insurance, then call Neighborhood Plumbing today to learn more about our professional and affordable services.

Types of Damages that Are Covered by This Insurance

Like we said above, most traditional homeowner insurances don’t cover water main leaks. However, there are a few water damages that can be covered. Homeowners insurance usually covers problems that are caused by plumbing malfunctions within the house. For example, if there is damage that is caused to your wall, roof, or personal property, then traditional insurance is meant to provide for any damage up to a certain money limit.

Have a Leak, Find a Reliable Service Now

From these criteria, you may have already understood your situation. However, as we said before, you most likely have a leak problem in your house if you are reading this article and the longer you wait, the more damage you may cause to your house. That’s why you need to find a reliable and experienced plumbing service to help you quickly prevent any more problems than your current situation. With a professional plumbing service, you will easily be allowed to fix your problem and avoid any future ones. If you need this, then what are you waiting for?

Your Reliable Plumbing Service, Neighborhood Plumbing

A water leak is a broad problem and needs to be looked at thoroughly before understanding whether your insurance covers it or not. However, to avoid any problems with the water main, having a professional service fixing the damages or a regular checkup to avoid these damages will help you eliminate any risk regarding water leaks. That’s why at Neighborhood Plumbing, we are here to give you a reliable and relaxed environment. With our professional plumbers, modern equipment, affordable price plans, and dedication, having your leak detection and leak repair has never been easier. Call us today to contact our experienced team to learn more about us or our services.

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