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DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions

Jun 21, 2023
DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions

If you’re looking for proven DIY drain cleaning solutions, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will outline some of the effective DIY drain cleaning solutions that can help you get your home’s plumbing system back in tip-top shape.

Boiling Water

Boiling water can be an effective way to break down and dissolve minor clogs, particularly those caused by grease, fats, oils, food waste, or organic matter. When you pour boiling water down a drain, it can help melt and dissolve minor blockages, allowing them to flow more easily through the pipes. However, boiling water may not work on stubborn clogs such as those caused by mineral scale, intruding tree roots, stuck toys, hardened debris, and more. If you’re dealing with a stubborn clog, reach out to a skilled plumber for professional drain cleaning. In addition, it’s not advisable to use boiling water on PVC pipes, as the material may not be able to withstand the high temperatures.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

A baking soda and vinegar solution can be a perfect fix for certain types of clogs. The combination of baking soda and vinegar unclogs drains by way of a chemical reaction. Pour a half a cup of vinegar into the drain, and then pour a half a cup of vinegar. Seal the drain with a stopper and allow the mixture to settle for about 15-30 minutes. During this time, the chemical reaction will occur and dissolve the clog. Finally, remove the stopper and flush the drain with hot water to clear any remaining debris. If the solution does not work, try another method, such as drain snaking, or call a nearby plumbing service. One of the advantages of baking soda and vinegar is that the solution is safe to use around people, pets, and the environment. It is a non-toxic alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.


A plunger is a simple tool used for unclogging drains and toilets. It consists of a rubber cup attached to a wooden or plastic handle. Here’s how to use a plunger to unclog a drain:

  • Step 1: Ensure there is enough water in the fixture to cover the rubber cup of the plunger.
  • Step 2: Place the plunger over the drain and completely cover the drain opening.
  • Step 3: Grip the handle and push down on the cup forcefully, and then pull it back up several times. Perform this action with quick, concentrated thrusts for about 20 seconds while ensuring you don’t lift the plunger out of the drain. This action forces air down into the drain and increases pressure to dislodge the clog.
  • Step 4: After a few plunges, release the plunger and check if the water starts to drain properly.

Drain snake

Insert the drain snake into the clogged drain or pipe and rotate the handle in a clockwise direction to extend the auger into the pipe. Continue to push the drain snake into the drain while applying gentle pressure until you reach the clog. You’ll know you’ve reached the clog when you feel some resistance. Move the drain snake in an up-and-down or side-to-side motion to dislodge the blockage, and then slowly retract the auger to bring out any debris or loosened clog with it.

Contact Neighborhood Plumbing for Professional Drain Cleaning

Neighborhood Plumbing is a trusted plumbing service offering top-notch drain cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. When you’re in need of fast and reliable drain cleaning, you can trust the knowledgeable and experienced plumbers at Neighborhood Plumbing to get the job done right. We are equipped with state-of-the-art drain cleaning tools to provide efficient and thorough drain cleaning services, ensuring optimal flow and preventing future clogs.

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