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Are Flushable Wipes Really Safe to Flush?

Apr 03, 2020
Are Flushable Wipes Really Safe to Flush?

With the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic, a lot of households have been resorting to using wet wipes and “flushable” wipes to sanitize surfaces and their hands. However, are flushable wipes actually safe to flush? Or is it just a marketing technique to sell a product? Responsible homeowners, residents, and businessowners should do their research before buying into such claims by corporations and businesses.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Thousands of homeowners are discovering that it is one thing to be “flushable” and another thing to be “sewer and septic safe.” These supposedly flushable wipes will make it through the curved colon in your toilet and enter the drainpipe in your pipe just as some plastics, gravel, and other hard objects that are technically “flushable.” However, what happens further down the line is left a lot to chance. The professional plumbers in Pittsburgh at Neighborhood Plumbing do NOT recommend using “flushable” wipes as they have been known to lead to devastating clogs. The only things that should go in your toilet are waste, liquids, and toilet paper. In fact, we also advise against toilet paper that is multi-plied, especially if you have a septic system installed.

The Risks

If you would like to compare and see for yourself why we do not recommend flushing wet wipes and “flushable” wipes, then consider this small experiment. Fill two containers with water and drop regular toilet paper in one and a wet wipe or “flushable” wipe in the other. You will notice that the rate of degradation is drastically different between the two. While the wipes will eventually degrade and break apart, the time it takes to break down is the issue. These can get caught in your pipes and lead to clogs, potentially causing damage to your pipes. If you have questions or concerns about clogs in your drains, then call Neighborhood Plumbing today. Our friendly staff are ready to help.

Properly Dispose Wet Wipes and “Flushable” Wipes

If you enjoy the added layer of sanitation that wet wipes and flushable wipes provide, then by all means continue using them. However, be sure to dispose of them properly. Do NOT flush them. Instead, dispose of them in a sanitary way in a garbage can. This can save you the headache of having to call a plumber to unclog your toilet or, worse, repair your sewer line. So, in short, only flush liquids, human waste, and toilet paper down your toilets. Everything else should go in the trash.

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