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6 Ways You Can Detect A Water Leak

Feb 10, 2022
6 Ways You Can Detect A Water Leak

A water leak can lead to big problems such as water damage, high water bills, and structural damage to a home. Whether it be a toilet leak, a slab leak, or an appliance leak, any kind of water leak can wreak havoc on your home if you don't have it fixed at the earliest. 

Here are 6 easy ways to detect a water leak in your home.

  • Check Your Water Meter

If your water bill has increased for no obvious reason, you can do a water meter test to determine if you have a leak. Just turn off all the water in your home and ensure nothing is using any water actively and watch the water meter to see if there are any changes. If the water meter begins to move and you are sure no one is using water, you’ve got a leak somewhere. Even if the meter doesn't change immediately, wait for two hours and check it again.

  • Look for Signs of Water Damage

Water leaks can manifest themselves in the form of a warm area on the floor, soft spots on drywall or ceiling, a soggy yard, a musty smell, and many other telltale signs. Take some time and inspect various parts of your home for any evidence of leaks. Some of the places to look for water damage include the lower part of the toilet, around the bathtub, under the sink, near household appliances, and the basement.

  • Review Your Water Bill

Like most households, you probably use roughly the same amount of water each month. If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill even though your water consumption habits have not changed, you probably have a leak that should be fixed. Compare some bills from the past few months to see if there’s an inexplicable increase. 

  • Try The Toilet Dye Test

The dye test is an effective way of identifying hidden toilet leaks. Simply take the lid off the water tank and put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Wait for 25 minutes and check if the color spreads into the toilet bowl. If it does, then there’s a leak.

  • Check Your Water Usage

You can also check your water usage in your home to determine whether there’s a leak somewhere in your property. If you notice a sudden increase in your water usage, you may be dealing with a water leak.

  • Watch for Water Pressure Changes

It’s possible that low water pressure in your home is caused by leaks in your pipes. A crack in your water pipes diverts water flow before it reaches the faucet spout. If your water pressure has reduced, call a nearby plumber to inspect your water pipes.

If You Find Yourself in Need of Leak Detection Or Leak Repair, Contact Neighborhood Plumbing

Even the smallest water leaks can be costly if they’re left undressed for a long period of time. If you suspect that you have a leak in your property, call a dependable plumber to find the source of the leak and make repairs. Our plumbers at Neighborhood Plumbing have the knowledge and experience to find all types of leaks and fix them right the first time.

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